Real Time Video Alert

Real Time Video Alert

Modern video surveillance systems allow you to monitor and record all events (which remain in the device for several months) in and around your business or home. All images are stored digitally in the central device of your video surveillance system.

The placement of the camera on business premises works in two ways: productively – because it significantly reduces attempted burglary, and repressively – because in the case of a burglary there is a video that allows the perpetrator to be identified. Particularly successful is the combination of conventional cameras with those hidden in bulkheads, smoke detectors and domes.

Efficient surveillance, both repressive and productive, is achieved by cameras installed on the front of the business space. In addition, it is possible to monitor the values ​​held outdoors, to observe workers, or to spot unwanted visitors. For protection against environmental influences, cameras must be installed in enclosures with integrated heating systems.

You may choose to record to simpler digital recording devices, on whose hard drive you can store a large quantity of high-quality footage, but also to associate the recording with activity detection or alarm triggering, thus saving disk space and facilitating later viewing of the recorded material.

Video recorders

Video recorders, as a convenient and technically efficient solution, are suitable for digital image processing, monitoring and recording. They are based on PC technology (storing digital images on HDD, image processing, networking) and include all the qualities of modern CCTV devices. Monitoring and viewing of captured images and videos is possible both locally and remotely.

Along with the device, we provide an installation software for remote monitoring from a computer. It is possible to connect multiple devices to our "CENTRAL ALERT SYSTEM" and thus be able to have 24-hour surveillance by our staff. By installing the system, every event that happens in front of the camera will be registered and stored.

Alert Center

When leaving your home, make sure the lights are off, the windows closed and the doors locked. When you return home, you probably expect to find everything in place and safe. However, burglars may monitor your home, wait for the best time to act and, while you're away, violently enter and steal your valuables. Even worse, there are robbers who will try to steal from you while you or your loved ones are actually at home. Burglary is a serious blow to your financial and emotional state but far different from robbery, because robbery dramatically increases the risk of physical danger or even death.

In the past, often the best protection you could achieve was to lock the door, maybe own a dog that barks loudly, or ask your neighbors to keep an eye. These are certainly reasonable things to do, but often not enough. Fortunately, unlike in the past, we now have electronic tools to protect our valuables. One of the best choices is a home security monitoring system to alert you and intervene in case of an emergency. In addition to alerting you to the possibility of criminal activity, there are plenty of other options available today. Modern services and equipment can alert you to a dramatic change in temperature, flood, carbon monoxide leak, power outage, natural gas leak, smoke, fire, violent entrance and more. You can receive this information via SMS, e-mail, telephone, mobile application or directly from our control center.

Our on-call center offers extensive information and will not only contact you when a problem occurs, but will intervene in case of a burglary, call emergency services for you and eliminate any danger in the shortest possible time.