Central Alert System (CAS)


Alfa’s Central Alert System (CAS) is used for the interaction between the intruder, hold-up or fire alarm system and the technical center, i.e. it combines technical and physical protection as a prerequisite for creating a single integrated security system. The technical center monitors and manages your systems, regardless of their distance from one another, thus providing imminent assistance. On-call operators in Alfa's CAS are available 24/7.


Alfa offers organized intervention by armed, equipped and trained security guards who use company-owned vehicles for intervention purposes. When receiving an alert message from a protected facility, the on-call operator in our Central Alert System, according to the prescribed procedure, notifies the emergency security officer in charge of the area from which the notification was received, along with the competent police station. Using the shortest possible route, the security guard heads towards the protected facility.

When arriving to the premises of the protected object from which the CAS received the alert message, the security guard checks the security status of the object (exterior space, the entrance, locks on all doors and windows) and in the event of security breach, ensures the location until the arrival of the client (or other responsible person) and the police, firefighters, ambulance or emergency technical intervention team (water, electricity, gas, etc.), all for the purpose of determining possible presence of unauthorized persons in the area of the protected facility, detaining those persons as well as persons caught in the criminal act, until the arrival of the police.

If a criminal offense is committed by a known or unknown perpetrator, the emergency security guard informs the on-call operator and the client's contact person and secures the premises until the arrival of the police, firefighters, ambulance, emergency technical intervention team (water, electricity, gas, etc.). A written report is made after each performed intervention.

Disarming the alarm

In the event of an alarm caused by client’s error, it may be disarmed by using a previously agreed-upon passcode. In that case, the security guard is not sent for inspection of the security status of the protected facility and the competent police station is not notified.