Face Recognition System

Corsight is an advanced Face Recognition system that provides real-time face detection and recognition in the crowd.

Corsight utilizes powerful computer vision and facial recognition technology for analyzing live streams and video and remains fast and accurate under poor lighting and low quality videos.

Not rooted in deep learning, the system is based on Cortica's Autonomous AI backed by more than 250 patents. This allows the technology to perform on light systems and scale easily and efficiently to large scenarios.

Key Features

Crowd Surveillance

  • Automatically detect and recognize faces in real-time
  • Analyze live camera streams in parallel
  • N:N matching against multiple watchlist databases
  • Get alerts in less than a second

Forensyc Analysis

  • Accelerate investigations with swift video review
  • Batch import videos for post event analysis
  • Review hours of videos in minutes
  • Identify all people of interest with detection info

Watchlist Management

  • Suspect enrollment and person list customization
  • Manage multiple list types with different severity levels
  • Single face image required for enrollment
  • Enroll from camera or video detection

Smart Search

  • Pinpoint persons of interest in history archive
  • Search by suspect image, name, camera, time
  • Retrieve history of all previous appearances
  • Compare two or more face images with similarity score

Cortica's Autonomous – Future of Artificial Intelligence in Corsight Smart Camera

Cortica has developed autonomous artificial intelligence that simulates human data processing. Its unsupervised approach to learning mimics the way the brain processes information – it allows machines to learn, collaborate and communicate with the world without human input. This technology, backed by more than 250 patents and 10 years of cutting-edge research, is revolutionizing visual intelligence. It enables cameras to operate in real time, be flexible and work without human supervision – true visual understanding with the aim of creating a smarter and safer world.

Using the above-mentioned autonomous artificial intelligence, Corsight smart camera is capable of producing millions of hours of video, which would otherwise be impossible to monitor manually. This amount of visual data gives its users greater insight into the current state of security, as it identifies patterns, concepts and suspicious situations through real-time analysis of hours and hours of footage, improving safety in traffic, retail, housing and many other fields of activity. It is capable of extracting faces from the crowd and filtering false alarms that would otherwise be triggered by movement of non-threatening objects. It enables fast data entry, easy and efficient search, and high sensitivity in extremely low light environments. It analyzes texts, images and behaviors and automatically organizes the information it receives in order to provide instant feedback and to alert its users of suspicious behavior and the need for increased caution.

All of this makes Corsight smart camera an extremely reliable partner in ensuring a safer everyday life.

Technical Specifications


High Performance

Runs on all cameras and video resolutions (including Infrared and fisheye lens)

Easy to Implement

Interoperability with security systems, access control systems (ACS) and specialized 3rd party software

Multi Platform

On premise application, multiplatform SDK and cloud API

Scalable Architecture

System design allows high modularity and flexibility


More than 250 registered patents in artificial intelligence

Privacy by Design

Compatible with GDPR requirements


ANGLES + - 90 Degrees + - 45 Degrees
ELEVATION + - 45 Degrees + - 30 Degrees
PARTIAL FACE Requires as little as 50% of the face exposed Require 70% to full face exposed
MIN FACE SIZE 40x40 pixels (Recognition detection, enrollment) Require at least 50x50 pixels
SUNGLASSES Recognizes with sunglasses Recognition significantly reduced
ILLUMINATION 2-3 lumens are sufficient Require well-illuminated faces/td>
DARK SKIN Prepoznaje osobe svih boja kože Česti prikaz krivih obavijesti
OUTDATED DATABASE Supports images dated back 15-30 years Up to 10 years
TECHNOLOGY Based on more than 250 patents in AI 0 patents