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"Alfa demining" Ltd.

is privately owned company registered in Croatia, Zagreb in 04.03.2013. under business identity code 080835155. Founders are bacc. ing. pyrotech. Hrvoje Radočaj and Mr. Roman Horvat. Company’s primer scope of business is humanitarian demining and security. The company possesses all necessary accreditations for obtaining demining jobs, issued by Ministry of Interior and Croatian Mine Action Center and all technical and other accreditations for security issued by Ministry of Interior.

Our field of expertise: Management, Mentoring, Training, Demining, BAC, EOD, IEDD, Magnetometry, Mine Awareness, Quality control, Finance, Human Resources or Procurement etc. We are fully qualified for Program/Project planning, organizing, deployment, execution, supervising, quality assurance and quality control for BAC, manual mine clearance, mechanical clearance, vehicle mounted mine detection systems, EOD/IEOD, magnetometry, Non-technical survey, Technical survey, etc. Searching and disposal or removal of all kind of UXO in different condition and different depth. For example: searching and disposal of low drag avio bomb MK-83 with FMU-112/B nose & tail fuse (located on 7 m depth, below the road scales in the oil refinery which is located in an urban area).

So far “Alfa demining” Ltd. has successfully cleared in total over 7.355.000 m2!

So far “Alfa demining” Ltd. has been operating in territory of Republic of Croatia, Israel, Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud to claim that our key personnel employees worked all around the world and they have huge experience in different standards like Hungary, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Libya, Ghana, Angola, Colombia, Western Sahara, etc.

With its current capacities, equipment and personnel, the company is capable to successfully and efficiently perform all jobs in Mine action segment. It is worth to mention that the company is extends its capacities whenever possible in order to be able to perform larger and more complicated projects.

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Mob: +964 771 694 1552